Alt & Title & Description attributes in Images for SEO

When you want to place an image in your WordPress blog you have empty space for: Title, Alternate text (alt tag), Caption and Description.

When you create a post, you create for both both human visitors and search engine spiders. You must write for “img” and “alt“. The <img> tag defines an image in an HTML page. The Image you upload on web must have two required attributes: “src” and “alt“. Alt is alternate text for an image and Src is URL of an image.

SEO Image for Spiders-

First to answer a primal question. What is a difference between Title text and Alternate (tag) text? Title text display additional information (title of the image) and Alternate text display alternative information that should be shown if an image is inaccessible.

<img src=”seofuturity.jpg” height=”200″ width=”200″ alt=”Website about Future SEO“>


Uses of Alternate text:


  • Image is missing
  • Cannot Load (due to slow internet connection)
  • Cannot be downloaded
  • Shown to people who have disabled images in their browsers
  • The most important thing: Googlebot uses alt text to determine what an image is about


ALT text displays before the image is loaded. ALT is a required element for images and can only be used for image tags because its specific purpose is to describe images.

Description attribute is also very important to any wordpress blog. Is it loneg explanation what is image about. Provide valuable information to all your visitors with descriptive link titles and descriptive text about other page elements.