Best freelancing websites in 2012

Freelancing in 2012

Freelancing is a term that describes short term contract and self-employed work schedule.

Most fields where freelancing is common are: music, journalism, publishing, screenwriting, filmmaking, acting, photojournalism, cosmetics, fragrances, editing, event planning, event management, copy editing, proofreading, indexing, copywriting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, website development, consulting, tour guiding, video editing, video production and translating.

Advantages of freelancing are: You are your own boss and flexible working hours.

Best freelance websites on the internet are:

Best freelancing websites

1. Elance

“Hire expert programmers, designers, writers, translators, marketers, researchers and admin contractors with tested skills”

  • Global online employment platform
  • Excellent Knowledge Tests
  • Payments over Escrow service
  • Loads of jobs added every day
  • Professional design and user friendly interface
  • Over 450 million lifetime earnings
  • Virtual Workrooms
  • 15 bid balance per month
  • Web design, programming, SEO

2. oDesk

“Global marketplace that helps employers hire, manage, and pay remote freelancers or teams”

  • 20 bid balance per month
  • Great for Freelancers & Programmers
  • Skill Tests
  • Large number of contractors and freelancers
  • Often innovations
  • Management and contractors of trust
  • 10% fee for projects

3. Gurulooking for Freelancing websites

“Find Freelancers for Hire. Get Your Project Done.”

  • More than one million freelancers
  • Ex eMoonlighter
  • Huge site with a lot of projects
  • Many job categories
  • Limited bids on free members
  • Malicious rating protection
  • Not as easy to use as Elance and oDesk
  • Higher fees for free members
  • PayPal and PrePaid Master Card
  • Absolutely no information about other’s bids
  • Many writing jobs

4. Freelancer

“Hire freelance programmers, web developers, designers, writers, data entry & more at a fraction of the cost on the World’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace.”

  • Very famous and old freelance site
  • Ex GetAFreelancer
  • Many money withdrawal options
  • Higher commission
  • Good protection against scam buyers

5. vWorker

“ is an international marketplace connecting employers/entrepreneurs and virtual workers in numerous industries”

  • Ex RentACoder
  • Four time winner of the INC. 5000 award
  • Virtual worker

6. ScriptLance

“Outsource your programming projects to freelance programmers and designers at cheap prices.”

  • For programmers and designers
  • Small and medium sized online businesses
  • India and Eastern Europe
  • Very low commissions
  • Good support and forum
  • User-friendly website
  • Free registration
  • Very low commissions – only 5% of the project amount
  • 8k active freelancers

7. Getacoder

“Custom Programming and Web Design. Freelance programmers and web designers. Outsource your next IT Project today. Let web developers bid on it.”

  • Old fashioned design
  • Best for Programming, database development and web design freelancers
  • More than 200 countries

8. DonanzaHow to make money freelancing

“Easily find countless of work-from-home freelance jobs from across the web. Match your skills to millions of project offers and earn money.”

  • Freelance job search over most famous freelancing websites
  • Search engine for freelance jobs

9. 99designs

“The #1 marketplace for graphic design, including logo design, web design and other design contests. Over 80000 satisfied clients!”

  • Best design freelance website
  • Different payment models
  • Contest type

10 . Fiverr

“The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.”

  • Social marketplace website that facilitates buying and selling of services from other users for US $5
  • Larger marketplace for small services

11. Sologig

“Find a variety of IT and engineering jobs from PHP developer to DBA to mechanical engineer on Sologig”

  • Big database of IT and engineering jobs

12. ifreelance

“Find your next freelance job at The most effective and affordable way for talented freelance professionals and businesses to connect.”

  • Popular Freelance Projects
  • ifreelance buzz

13. FreelanceSwitch

FreelanceSwitch is a community of freelancers of all varieties”

  • User friendly
  • Interesting Blog

14. Krop

“Jobs for Designers, Artists, and Developers with instant search tool. All Krop jobs are also broadcast across our creative employment network.”

  • Great website for artist freelancers
  • User Friendly
  • Resource website for creative professionals
  • Talent based

15. Smashing Jobs

“Find jobs and gigs in web design and programming. Get hired as a web professional.”

  • Fulltime and Freelance

16. Logomyway

“Get amazing custom logo designs for your business in hours. Start a logo design contest now.”

  • Easy to acceess any contest
  • Usually bigger prize than 99designs
  • Big offer
  • Limited payment methods