Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate represent percentage of people who arrive on your site, look to only the page they open and leave without visiting a second page. Which audience come from Google to your site. Someone identify bounce rate to exit rate.

Bounce rate is very important, it describe and measure time users will spend on your site. Not leave after first page. Can you hold the attention with good content and great design. Yes or No. You need low bounce rate. Great landing page must show visitors direct access to good pages of the website. The bounce rate is calculated by dividing two numbers: number of visitors who viewed only one page of your website and sum of total number of visitors to the website. Low bounce rate lead to high conversion rate.

Bounce Rate

There are few Bounce Rate scenarios:

  • Click the back button
  • Close the browser tab
  • Close the browser window
  • Type a new URL in the same tab (window)
  • Subject do nothing

The average website bounce rate is 40%.