Top Underrated Unknown WordPress Plugins

I write about Top Underrated, Unknown and Unique WordPress Plugins, 3U.

Underrated WordPress Plugins

  • Category and Page Icons

This is very interesting plugin if you want to place very nice little icon to your category or to your page. The current version is 0.8. You can add very small images to your sidebar of your website (blog). All of the features are flexible and ajax based.

  • Display Widgets

Make a variable and different your sidebar content. Change sidebar with different pages. Avoid creating multiple sidebars and duplicating widgets. There is check boxes to each widget in the admin. Choose which widgets you want to display and which widgets you want to hide.

  • Broken Link Checker

This automatic plugin will check everyday your posts, comments and content, searching for broken links and missing images. It will notify you if any are found.

  • Simple Tags

Really useful tool with terms suggestion. This is the successor of Simple Tagging Plugin.

InboxQ – For Firefox, Chrome and HootSuite

Find people asking questions on Twitter about things you know


This is the main tagline for this useful Add-On and Plugin. Answer someone questions = Show your existence on twitter. And most important it is Totally Free. This tool reminds me of Quora in Twitter World.


Make new campaign of keywords in InboxQ, and then generate questions from Twitter that contain those keywords. There are many people asking questions on Twitter, and maybe you know good answers to some of those questions. So, you can start a conversation with your new potential audience. You can activate this useful tool in different options:

  • Chrome Extensions: InboxQ is a realtime stream of questions. Relation: your business, products, industry and general interests from Twitter directly to your browser. Find to answer the most powerful engagement opportunities on Twitter. Use your knowledge to help people while also identifying you and potential customers and earning very valued  targeted followers. InboxQ is easy to use and totally free
  • Firefox Add-On
  • Seesmic Plugin: Answer questions on twitter instantly, set up multiple campaigns and track answers and followers
  • HootSuite: Install the InboxQ Hootsuite application (My choice)
  • Rockmelt
  • iPhone

Uses and Advantage of InboxQ:

  • Make your Name and Brand
  • Make New Followers
  • Spreading Influence

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