Ip Addresses

Before few days, I have a problem. I can not see my website and can not access to ftp client. I use FilleZilla. I can not even open a ticket to my server provider, one hosting company. My friends told me, that they can open my website. So, what is a problem then?

Few hours before, I try to download my website files (wp-content) via fillezilla. In a half way, it stopped, and from that point, I can not longer connect to ftp client or see my website. My IP address was banned? Why? Some hosting companies maybe banned any activity they think it is suspicious.

So what is a solution. I reset modem a get one fresh new IP address. Then try again. And again, failed. After a while, I find solution. I change ftp client, I try WinSPC, and eureka.

What is IP address? IP Address is “Internet Protocol” address. This is a numerical label assigned to each hardware device  participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification (location addressing).

IP adresses

Post Sanctuary

What is most important when you writing a post. Of course you must do some link building for this post (not website in general or only homepage). You must place some links over web. 1 post – 5 links to that post. OK, but before that what is essential for starting travel of the post. Social Media? You Tube? Google Profile? Yes, all together. I will describe you, what is in my post sanctuary tool.

Post Sanctuary

Let’s start. I am finishing writing a post on my WordPress blogging platform. I click “publish” button. Check the website, post is there. If any subscribe to you, or follow your post daily, or use Google Reader and add your website, then these people also will be informed about your latest blog post. OK, after you publish post. what I do next:

  • Facebook Page (copy link and paste to your specialized Facebook page)
  • Facebook Profile (place on exact precise Facebook profile)
  • Twitter (place on one or many twitter profiles – I use Hootsuite (with hush tags if it is possible))
  • Linkedin (place it on LinkedIn timeline)
  • Google Profile
  • Google Page
  • Pinterest
  • Posterous (I use this media platform and online tool also)

This is main homework, you have additional also:

  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Forums
  • Blog Comments
  • StumbleUpon

This is for the start. Good luck!

SEO Daily Routine

The phrase “SEO Daily Routine” in the most cases mean “Social Media Daily Routine”. What amount of time you can extricate. Twitter + Facebook + Other social networks.

I put some very useful online tools and software to help you speed up these everyday activities.

  • Hootsuite

Improve your social media activity. Great all in one dashboard with the main purpose to increase power of your social activity.

Free online service. Social media management. The meaning of this social tool is: you create tasks that will happen (occur) when (if) another specified task occurs. Maybe this sound little more advanced, but this online tool is very useful. You can work with many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Flickr, Foursquare, Craiglist and more.

  • Pocket

Gret online tool that can help you organize. When you find something interesting and do not have time to see it now, you cna put in the pocket and view it later. It has plugin for Mozilla and Chrome.

  • Buffer

Scheduling online tool for advanced sharing.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate represent percentage of people who arrive on your site, look to only the page they open and leave without visiting a second page. Which audience come from Google to your site. Someone identify bounce rate to exit rate.

Bounce rate is very important, it describe and measure time users will spend on your site. Not leave after first page. Can you hold the attention with good content and great design. Yes or No. You need low bounce rate. Great landing page must show visitors direct access to good pages of the website. The bounce rate is calculated by dividing two numbers: number of visitors who viewed only one page of your website and sum of total number of visitors to the website. Low bounce rate lead to high conversion rate.

Bounce Rate

There are few Bounce Rate scenarios:

  • Click the back button
  • Close the browser tab
  • Close the browser window
  • Type a new URL in the same tab (window)
  • Subject do nothing

The average website bounce rate is 40%.

Alt & Title & Description attributes in Images for SEO

When you want to place an image in your WordPress blog you have empty space for: Title, Alternate text (alt tag), Caption and Description.

When you create a post, you create for both both human visitors and search engine spiders. You must write for “img” and “alt“. The <img> tag defines an image in an HTML page. The Image you upload on web must have two required attributes: “src” and “alt“. Alt is alternate text for an image and Src is URL of an image.

SEO Image for Spiders-

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Best SEO Books to read in 2012

SEO Books: Must read in 2012. Best SEO books up to date. Great SEO Masters. Choose niche that works for you. Different ways to learn SEO and start your blog and earn some money. Read how to evaluate your blog’s success. Keep content with “quality”, fresh and interesting. Nowdays, Search engines are changing everything. On Page vs Off Page SEO. Make your own business strategy. Tips, tools, method, strategy, you will find everything in these books.

Best SEO books in 2012

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What is SEO?

hat is a SEO?  This isW shortcut for Search engine optimization. 

And what is SEO Futurity vision? This is short or long term vision of SEO trends in the future.

SEO is a package of skills, techniques, strategies and tactics which helps search engines to find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. SEO wants to assist you to get more traffic from search engines, google, yahoo, bing and others.

List of major search engines:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Ask
  • Aol
  • Baidu
  • Blekko
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yandex
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