How Money affect on People

how money affect on people-

How money affect on everybody. Is this precious piece of paper change and make influence on our free will. Down below is a video that represent experiment made by the BBC’s and team “Bang Goes The Theory Team” regarding a psychological phenomenon called “Priming”, what mean in free translation “first layer”. Very good video. Don’t take long. 6,7 minutes. Take your time and watched it.

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Ip Addresses

Before few days, I have a problem. I can not see my website and can not access to ftp client. I use FilleZilla. I can not even open a ticket to my server provider, one hosting company. My friends told me, that they can open my website. So, what is a problem then?

Few hours before, I try to download my website files (wp-content) via fillezilla. In a half way, it stopped, and from that point, I can not longer connect to ftp client or see my website. My IP address was banned? Why? Some hosting companies maybe banned any activity they think it is suspicious.

So what is a solution. I reset modem a get one fresh new IP address. Then try again. And again, failed. After a while, I find solution. I change ftp client, I try WinSPC, and eureka.

What is IP address? IP Address is “Internet Protocol” address. This is a numerical label assigned to each hardware device¬† participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification (location addressing).

IP adresses

How to mobilize your website

Nowdays, one of the most common questions about the future of websites is their comparability and adjustment to mobile phones. There are many seminars and webinars only about this topics. I present you some website that can help without html, css, programing and other knowledge. Why is it so important! Every day more and more people are releasing new mobile versions of their websites. The results are increased levels of traffic.


GoMo and DudaMobile make a partnership deal, and their mission is to make desktop website customize to mobile friendly.You can try:

MoFuse (Mobile Web Site Builder Application)

Mippin (Application creation platform)

Wirenode (This software create rich mobile pages and mobile websites)

Optimize your webpage pages for mobile phones. This is one of the future tasks.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate represent percentage of people who arrive on your site, look to only the page they open and leave without visiting a second page. Which audience come from Google to your site. Someone identify bounce rate to exit rate.

Bounce rate is very important, it describe and measure time users will spend on your site. Not leave after first page. Can you hold the attention with good content and great design. Yes or No. You need low bounce rate. Great landing page must show visitors direct access to good pages of the website. The bounce rate is calculated by dividing two numbers: number of visitors who viewed only one page of your website and sum of total number of visitors to the website. Low bounce rate lead to high conversion rate.

Bounce Rate

There are few Bounce Rate scenarios:

  • Click the back button
  • Close the browser tab
  • Close the browser window
  • Type a new URL in the same tab (window)
  • Subject do nothing

The average website bounce rate is 40%.

Blog Comments

SEO tactic: Blog Comments. Effective way for link building. In this post I will show you different and must usual types of commenting blog platforms. This post will be also very useable for blog commenting. Sometimes it is very difficult to find right solution for “comment” when you have WordPress blog, or any other blog. Blogger love to comments and make interactivity with other bloggers on a free web. SeoFuturity present you:

Disqus vs IntenseDebate vs Livefyre vs WordPress comments vs Facebook comments vs Echo comments vs CommentLuv

Disqus vs IntenseDebate vs Livefyre vs CommentLuv

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How to: Blog Commenting

Welcome to Seo Daily. Today we discuss about Blog Commenting Strategy by Rand Fishkin (@randfish) on SeoMoz Whiteboard Friday. Very good video and tutorial, how to do Blog Commenting. The only right way to put a comment into one blog. Here are the most important tips from this great video.

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Email Address and how to find them

Seo Daily presents interesting blog post. How to find anyone Email Address. Sometimes it is way better to send someone directly your message by the email address, then to use contact forms. Or if you search for email address for some celebrity, this may come handy.

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For this brain exercise you will need few tools:

  • a Gmail account
  • The Rapportive plugin
  • The Google Doc spreadsheet

Good luck and thanks Rob Ousbey on this great article.

How To Write SEO Proposal

Welcome to SEO Daily. One great article from One SEO sample Proposal that you can use to reach your clients in the fields of web marketing.

This is the original web page: SEO Proposal: An Example


In slideshow you have few different sections:

  • (Google) Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Keyword Map
  • Onsite SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Offsite SEO
  • SEO Management
  • Social Media
  • Job Bids
SEO Proposal Sample

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HTTP Response Codes

We start new category: SEO Daily. This will represent everyday one article about SEO from best SEO blogs and websites over world wide web. First one is from my favorite SEOMoz. It is about HTTP Response Codes. So, let’s start :)

What are HTTP ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Response Codes? They are numeric status values of code to HTTP requests are as follows (as a information). The data sections of messages Error, Forward and Redirection responses may be used to contain human-readable diagnostic information.

Response codes wrong

Response Codes Explained with Pictures

List of HTTP status codes

Codes from 100 till 600.

  • 200: OK
  • 301: We are moved
  • 302: We are moved, but we will come back
  • 401: Sorry, we are locked
  • 403: Forbidden, Angry and Limited
  • 404: Lost, not Found
  • 410: Gone with the wind
  • 500: Nobody Home
  • 503: Fire!
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