How to mobilize your website

Nowdays, one of the most common questions about the future of websites is their comparability and adjustment to mobile phones. There are many seminars and webinars only about this topics. I present you some website that can help without html, css, programing and other knowledge. Why is it so important! Every day more and more people are releasing new mobile versions of their websites. The results are increased levels of traffic.


GoMo and DudaMobile make a partnership deal, and their mission is to make desktop website customize to mobile friendly.You can try:

MoFuse (Mobile Web Site Builder Application)

Mippin (Application creation platform)

Wirenode (This software create rich mobile pages and mobile websites)

Optimize your webpage pages for mobile phones. This is one of the future tasks.

Basic Elements of SEO

You want to be sure to optimize every single one of these elements. Remember this checklist to get yourself organized. This is basic of On-Page SEO. Let’s start:
Seo elements
  • Title tag

One of the most important factors in SEO. Title Tags Should Contain Specific Keyword Phrases. The most important on-page SEO element. 70 characters: maximum. <head>
<title>Example Title</title> </head> 
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Best SEO Books to read in 2012

SEO Books: Must read in 2012. Best SEO books up to date. Great SEO Masters. Choose niche that works for you. Different ways to learn SEO and start your blog and earn some money. Read how to evaluate your blog’s success. Keep content with “quality”, fresh and interesting. Nowdays, Search engines are changing everything. On Page vs Off Page SEO. Make your own business strategy. Tips, tools, method, strategy, you will find everything in these books.

Best SEO books in 2012

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How to increase website speed

how to

Speed Up WordPress Blog

Website speed is very important for many of reasons. One of the reason is search rankings. A successful website mean fast loading website. Don’t let visitors wait for the page to load. No one likes a slow website. Website load time = HTML document + JavaScript file + CSS file + Image file + Plain text + Flash files + Other content types + Warnings + Redirects. Learn how to make your website load faster. Most important elements are:

  1. Requests (how many)
  2. Load time (how many seconds)
  3. Page Size

Speed up your wordpress blog cadillac

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