Limits of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin

Limits of Social Networking and Social Media. 3 kings: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Do not forget about LinkedIn, one of the greatest professional community with big number of business connections. One of the main reasons for those limits is to stop people, spam programs and automated software from abusing the system.

Limits of Social Media

Limits of Twitter:

  • Following limit: 2,000 people (If you reach 1,819 followers, you can break that limit. When you have 1,819 followers, you can follow: the number of followers + 10%. If you have 2.000 followers, then you can follow 2200 people)
  • Unfollow limits: Try – no more then 500 per day
  • Tweets per day: 1,000
  • Direct messages per day: 250
  • Maximum twitter lists: 20
  • Maximum people in the lists: 500

Limits of Facebook:

  • Maximum friends: 5,000
  • Daily Freind add limit: Depends

Limits of Google+:

  • Maximum people in the circles: 5,000
  • Daily circle add limit: Depends

New Free Online Tool: IFTTT

IFTTT is a free online web social media tool which help you to automate and control some social media interactions. The name IFTTT is short for “If this then that”. Automate engine for many services. Automate manager of Social Media.

The idea behind this great tool is the solution of connection of 2 or more different social media platforms. Make a connection between:  DeliciousDropboxEvernoteFacebook,FlickrGoogle+Google CalendarGoogle Reader,Google VoiceRead It LaterTwitter.
Use social media quickly and efficiently.
1. Sign up
2. Confirm mail
3. Setting (make) a task
4. Choose recipe
4. Choose trigger
5. Choose an action
6. Create (activate)
ifttt-channels and trigers
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SEO Daily Routine

The phrase “SEO Daily Routine” in the most cases mean “Social Media Daily Routine”. What amount of time you can extricate. Twitter + Facebook + Other social networks.

I put some very useful online tools and software to help you speed up these everyday activities.

  • Hootsuite

Improve your social media activity. Great all in one dashboard with the main purpose to increase power of your social activity.

Free online service. Social media management. The meaning of this social tool is: you create tasks that will happen (occur) when (if) another specified task occurs. Maybe this sound little more advanced, but this online tool is very useful. You can work with many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Flickr, Foursquare, Craiglist and more.

  • Pocket

Gret online tool that can help you organize. When you find something interesting and do not have time to see it now, you cna put in the pocket and view it later. It has plugin for Mozilla and Chrome.

  • Buffer

Scheduling online tool for advanced sharing.

Find Twitter Lists and Users

WeFollow vs Twellow vs Listorious vs JustTweetIt

 There are many “how to find twitter directories” online tools helper. We present some of them. In their first plan is to help you, to find twitter users. There is many positive and negative thoughts about online tools of this kind. What I think it can be done better, is that they give you (when you type it in the search) first: Twitter celebrities, actors and  TV faces, famous people. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care for famous people. And I do not want to know what they think and write. I want ordinary people. Small people. The next sentence is the most important to remember it. Anyone, Users, can easily add themselves to the directory of choice by simply tweeting out the hashtags and this will make their usernames searchable in that directory.

WeFollow vs Twellow vs Listorious vs JustTweetIt

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How to unfollow on Twitter

Twitter is among 2 best social network in the world. Facebook work different then twitter. “Add Friend” us so much dissimilar then “Follow“. Everybody and everyone want to be followed. So, we present you best online and software tools to unfollow the people who do not follow you back on Twitter. Mostly free online Twitter unfollow tools:

  • ManageFlitter Also known as “ManageTwitter”. First and basic tool is “Find those who not follow you and those who unfollowed you.”

  • JustUnfollow

http://www.justunfollow.comFind and unfollow Twitter users who unfollowed you or who do not follow you”. Everything is said. It is simple and quick tool. You only need to sign in with your twitter account. But, in free version, you can only dismiss 50 twitter accounts per day. This isn’t so good. If you send a tweet about “JustUnfollow”, the amount is 100. If you pay $5, you can get a Premium Account with unlimited clean-up for one Twitter account.

justunfollow twitter

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