WordPress hack problem and solution – Hidden Links

<div style=”display:none”> is very often big problem for WordPress blogers. Someone got spam links in your theme or plugin, and every page of your wordpress blog had many H1 links with anchor to someone’s spam site.

Wordpress broken

They often start with: <div style=”display:none”> and then links. Most of the time it have !important property. This is a property and it show that this is very important and crucial and can be ignored.

Usually, these links are in the header: </head> but sometimes they are in the body: </body>

The malicious code starts <div style=”display:none”>.

This code looks like this one: <div style=”display:none;visibility:hidden;”><strong><h1>Keyword</strong></h1>

Tools that can help you with this problem:

You have problem with Page Title (<title>) and Heading 1 (<h1>).

It is not necessary that your blog is hacked, maybe you get infected theme on the start and there is many possibilities.

Someone who put these links, usually hiding their code in your php scripts. Look for a strange code that uses the eval() command, or base64_decode()

How to solve this problem:

  • Scan your computer, looking for virus, malware, spyware
  • Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress
  • Go to Editor in your wordpress system and check 2 .php files especially: header.php and index.php
  • Disable and deactivate all your plugins and then check again
  • Check your .htaccess file in the root of you wordpress blog. Compare it with original one.
  • Very common case that they uploading PHP code disguised as jpeg files to your upload directory

If this not solved problem, you can further:

  • Take a WordPress and Database Backup
  • Talk with your hosting provider, maybe there is more cases, especially if you are using shared hosting.
  • Change FTP password
  • Change MySQl password
  • Change your random secret keys in wp-config. Use WordPress key generator to obtain a new random set of keys

Wordpress Devil

This is a list of very good websites for this topic:

Good luck!