Full WordPress Backup (Files + Database)

We have:

Wordpress Database

What they do:

  • Backup your content anytime
  • Restore or move your website anytime

One year ago, I write how to make fast and secure way to complete WordPress backups. This year, it is very important to make easy and fast wordpress (website) backup. So, which one is the better:

Vaultpress vs Backupbuddy

  • Vaultpress: the people behind WordPress and Akismet are behind this database project, which is still in beta. It is not free. What is advantage for VaultPress, it watches for any changes to your site and then automatically and immediately backs up those changes.
  • Backupbuddy: Also commercial plug-in with a one-time cost. BackupBuddy basically does backups either on demand or  schedule.

This is the great website that explain everything: http://www.expand2web.com/blog/back-up-wordpress-website-blog