How to: Blog Commenting

Welcome to Seo Daily. Today we discuss about Blog Commenting Strategy by Rand Fishkin (@randfish) on SeoMoz Whiteboard Friday. Very good video and tutorial, how to do Blog Commenting. The only right way to put a comment into one blog. Here are the most important tips from this great video.

Word Randy use “comment marketing” is very similar to “Successful Blog Commenting”. We have 3 tactics (strategies). There are different ways of commenting (tactics):

  • Black Hat (automate comment spamming)
  • Grey Hat (Real Person, fast comments without add value)
  • White Hat (right way of commenting)


Most of us sometimes use grey hat, but we must try to remain in the white zone. The most important goal for every blogger are:

  • Awareness
  • Recognition
  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Likeability

Comments on blog

Randy said some good advices:

  • Use Avatar with close up face picture
  • Use the same avatar
  • Find the right blogs in your community
  • Sometimes disagree with the blog post if you think this is right