How to unfollow on Twitter

Twitter is among 2 best social network in the world. Facebook work different then twitter. “Add Friend” us so much dissimilar then “Follow“. Everybody and everyone want to be followed. So, we present you best online and software tools to unfollow the people who do not follow you back on Twitter. Mostly free online Twitter unfollow tools:

  • ManageFlitter Also known as “ManageTwitter”. First and basic tool is “Find those who not follow you and those who unfollowed you.”

  • JustUnfollow

http://www.justunfollow.comFind and unfollow Twitter users who unfollowed you or who do not follow you”. Everything is said. It is simple and quick tool. You only need to sign in with your twitter account. But, in free version, you can only dismiss 50 twitter accounts per day. This isn’t so good. If you send a tweet about “JustUnfollow”, the amount is 100. If you pay $5, you can get a Premium Account with unlimited clean-up for one Twitter account.

justunfollow twitter

  • Twitter Karma More feature. Twitter Karma is a tool for managing your Twitter friends and followers. Its have old design, but this online tool do the job.

witterkarma tool

  • TweetSpinner Web-based application that increases your Twitter productivity. More feature then Tweet Karma.