Limits of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin

Limits of Social Networking and Social Media. 3 kings: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Do not forget about LinkedIn, one of the greatest professional community with big number of business connections. One of the main reasons for those limits is to stop people, spam programs and automated software from abusing the system.

Limits of Social Media

Limits of Twitter:

  • Following limit: 2,000 people (If you reach 1,819 followers, you can break that limit. When you have 1,819 followers, you can follow: the number of followers + 10%. If you have 2.000 followers, then you can follow 2200 people)
  • Unfollow limits: Try – no more then 500 per day
  • Tweets per day: 1,000
  • Direct messages per day: 250
  • Maximum twitter lists: 20
  • Maximum people in the lists: 500

Limits of Facebook:

  • Maximum friends: 5,000
  • Daily Freind add limit: Depends

Limits of Google+:

  • Maximum people in the circles: 5,000
  • Daily circle add limit: Depends