Post Sanctuary

What is most important when you writing a post. Of course you must do some link building for this post (not website in general or only homepage). You must place some links over web. 1 post – 5 links to that post. OK, but before that what is essential for starting travel of the post. Social Media? You Tube? Google Profile? Yes, all together. I will describe you, what is in my post sanctuary tool.

Post Sanctuary

Let’s start. I am finishing writing a post on my WordPress blogging platform. I click “publish” button. Check the website, post is there. If any subscribe to you, or follow your post daily, or use Google Reader and add your website, then these people also will be informed about your latest blog post. OK, after you publish post. what I do next:

  • Facebook Page (copy link and paste to your specialized Facebook page)
  • Facebook Profile (place on exact precise Facebook profile)
  • Twitter (place on one or many twitter profiles – I use Hootsuite (with hush tags if it is possible))
  • Linkedin (place it on LinkedIn timeline)
  • Google Profile
  • Google Page
  • Pinterest
  • Posterous (I use this media platform and online tool also)

This is main homework, you have additional also:

  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Forums
  • Blog Comments
  • StumbleUpon

This is for the start. Good luck!

How to mobilize your website

Nowdays, one of the most common questions about the future of websites is their comparability and adjustment to mobile phones. There are many seminars and webinars only about this topics. I present you some website that can help without html, css, programing and other knowledge. Why is it so important! Every day more and more people are releasing new mobile versions of their websites. The results are increased levels of traffic.


GoMo and DudaMobile make a partnership deal, and their mission is to make desktop website customize to mobile friendly.You can try:

MoFuse (Mobile Web Site Builder Application)

Mippin (Application creation platform)

Wirenode (This software create rich mobile pages and mobile websites)

Optimize your webpage pages for mobile phones. This is one of the future tasks.

New Free Online Tool: IFTTT

IFTTT is a free online web social media tool which help you to automate and control some social media interactions. The name IFTTT is short for “If this then that”. Automate engine for many services. Automate manager of Social Media.

The idea behind this great tool is the solution of connection of 2 or more different social media platforms. Make a connection between:  DeliciousDropboxEvernoteFacebook,FlickrGoogle+Google CalendarGoogle Reader,Google VoiceRead It LaterTwitter.
Use social media quickly and efficiently.
1. Sign up
2. Confirm mail
3. Setting (make) a task
4. Choose recipe
4. Choose trigger
5. Choose an action
6. Create (activate)
ifttt-channels and trigers
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SEO Daily Routine

The phrase “SEO Daily Routine” in the most cases mean “Social Media Daily Routine”. What amount of time you can extricate. Twitter + Facebook + Other social networks.

I put some very useful online tools and software to help you speed up these everyday activities.

  • Hootsuite

Improve your social media activity. Great all in one dashboard with the main purpose to increase power of your social activity.

Free online service. Social media management. The meaning of this social tool is: you create tasks that will happen (occur) when (if) another specified task occurs. Maybe this sound little more advanced, but this online tool is very useful. You can work with many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Flickr, Foursquare, Craiglist and more.

  • Pocket

Gret online tool that can help you organize. When you find something interesting and do not have time to see it now, you cna put in the pocket and view it later. It has plugin for Mozilla and Chrome.

  • Buffer

Scheduling online tool for advanced sharing.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate represent percentage of people who arrive on your site, look to only the page they open and leave without visiting a second page. Which audience come from Google to your site. Someone identify bounce rate to exit rate.

Bounce rate is very important, it describe and measure time users will spend on your site. Not leave after first page. Can you hold the attention with good content and great design. Yes or No. You need low bounce rate. Great landing page must show visitors direct access to good pages of the website. The bounce rate is calculated by dividing two numbers: number of visitors who viewed only one page of your website and sum of total number of visitors to the website. Low bounce rate lead to high conversion rate.

Bounce Rate

There are few Bounce Rate scenarios:

  • Click the back button
  • Close the browser tab
  • Close the browser window
  • Type a new URL in the same tab (window)
  • Subject do nothing

The average website bounce rate is 40%.

Blog Comments

SEO tactic: Blog Comments. Effective way for link building. In this post I will show you different and must usual types of commenting blog platforms. This post will be also very useable for blog commenting. Sometimes it is very difficult to find right solution for “comment” when you have WordPress blog, or any other blog. Blogger love to comments and make interactivity with other bloggers on a free web. SeoFuturity present you:

Disqus vs IntenseDebate vs Livefyre vs WordPress comments vs Facebook comments vs Echo comments vs CommentLuv

Disqus vs IntenseDebate vs Livefyre vs CommentLuv

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Top Underrated Unknown WordPress Plugins

I write about Top Underrated, Unknown and Unique WordPress Plugins, 3U.

Underrated WordPress Plugins

  • Category and Page Icons

This is very interesting plugin if you want to place very nice little icon to your category or to your page. The current version is 0.8. You can add very small images to your sidebar of your website (blog). All of the features are flexible and ajax based.

  • Display Widgets

Make a variable and different your sidebar content. Change sidebar with different pages. Avoid creating multiple sidebars and duplicating widgets. There is check boxes to each widget in the admin. Choose which widgets you want to display and which widgets you want to hide.

  • Broken Link Checker

This automatic plugin will check everyday your posts, comments and content, searching for broken links and missing images. It will notify you if any are found.

  • Simple Tags

Really useful tool with terms suggestion. This is the successor of Simple Tagging Plugin.

How to: Blog Commenting

Welcome to Seo Daily. Today we discuss about Blog Commenting Strategy by Rand Fishkin (@randfish) on SeoMoz Whiteboard Friday. Very good video and tutorial, how to do Blog Commenting. The only right way to put a comment into one blog. Here are the most important tips from this great video.

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Find Twitter Lists and Users

WeFollow vs Twellow vs Listorious vs JustTweetIt

 There are many “how to find twitter directories” online tools helper. We present some of them. In their first plan is to help you, to find twitter users. There is many positive and negative thoughts about online tools of this kind. What I think it can be done better, is that they give you (when you type it in the search) first: Twitter celebrities, actors and  TV faces, famous people. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care for famous people. And I do not want to know what they think and write. I want ordinary people. Small people. The next sentence is the most important to remember it. Anyone, Users, can easily add themselves to the directory of choice by simply tweeting out the hashtags and this will make their usernames searchable in that directory.

WeFollow vs Twellow vs Listorious vs JustTweetIt

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InboxQ – For Firefox, Chrome and HootSuite

Find people asking questions on Twitter about things you know


This is the main tagline for this useful Add-On and Plugin. Answer someone questions = Show your existence on twitter. And most important it is Totally Free. This tool reminds me of Quora in Twitter World.


Make new campaign of keywords in InboxQ, and then generate questions from Twitter that contain those keywords. There are many people asking questions on Twitter, and maybe you know good answers to some of those questions. So, you can start a conversation with your new potential audience. You can activate this useful tool in different options:

  • Chrome Extensions: InboxQ is a realtime stream of questions. Relation: your business, products, industry and general interests from Twitter directly to your browser. Find to answer the most powerful engagement opportunities on Twitter. Use your knowledge to help people while also identifying you and potential customers and earning very valued  targeted followers. InboxQ is easy to use and totally free
  • Firefox Add-On
  • Seesmic Plugin: Answer questions on twitter instantly, set up multiple campaigns and track answers and followers
  • HootSuite: Install the InboxQ Hootsuite application (My choice)
  • Rockmelt
  • iPhone

Uses and Advantage of InboxQ:

  • Make your Name and Brand
  • Make New Followers
  • Spreading Influence

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