Post Sanctuary

What is most important when you writing a post. Of course you must do some link building for this post (not website in general or only homepage). You must place some links over web. 1 post – 5 links to that post. OK, but before that what is essential for starting travel of the post. Social Media? You Tube? Google Profile? Yes, all together. I will describe you, what is in my post sanctuary tool.

Post Sanctuary

Let’s start. I am finishing writing a post on my WordPress blogging platform. I click “publish” button. Check the website, post is there. If any subscribe to you, or follow your post daily, or use Google Reader and add your website, then these people also will be informed about your latest blog post. OK, after you publish post. what I do next:

  • Facebook Page (copy link and paste to your specialized Facebook page)
  • Facebook Profile (place on exact precise Facebook profile)
  • Twitter (place on one or many twitter profiles – I use Hootsuite (with hush tags if it is possible))
  • Linkedin (place it on LinkedIn timeline)
  • Google Profile
  • Google Page
  • Pinterest
  • Posterous (I use this media platform and online tool also)

This is main homework, you have additional also:

  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Forums
  • Blog Comments
  • StumbleUpon

This is for the start. Good luck!