SEO Daily Routine

The phrase “SEO Daily Routine” in the most cases mean “Social Media Daily Routine”. What amount of time you can extricate. Twitter + Facebook + Other social networks.

I put some very useful online tools and software to help you speed up these everyday activities.

  • Hootsuite

Improve your social media activity. Great all in one dashboard with the main purpose to increase power of your social activity.

Free online service. Social media management. The meaning of this social tool is: you create tasks that will happen (occur) when (if) another specified task occurs. Maybe this sound little more advanced, but this online tool is very useful. You can work with many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Flickr, Foursquare, Craiglist and more.

  • Pocket

Gret online tool that can help you organize. When you find something interesting and do not have time to see it now, you cna put in the pocket and view it later. It has plugin for Mozilla and Chrome.

  • Buffer

Scheduling online tool for advanced sharing.